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Therapeutic Body Work

Kelly believes there is a magic in the art of massage by connecting with clients and listening to their needs, while holding a quiet space where bodies can heal.

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The knowledge of life, Ayurveda allows each individual to self heal by following the laws of nature to balance the body. To not only maintain life, but its quality and longevity as well.

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Commit-to-Health Retreats

Take a day for yourself, with a partner or friends to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate. Design your day from our list of services.


Each of our featured services can be custom-tailored for your unique needs.

Whether you’re stressed, recovering from an injury, sleep deprived or simply need some time to re-center.

We will support you.

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Individual and small groups

Massage, personalized wellness coaching, restorative yoga, meditation, vision boards, journaling, walking trails, technology free down time, culinary spice workshop


  • My yoga experience with Kelly's restorative yoga class epitomized the description. I felt supported physically by the blankets and bolsters and also by Kelly's calm and caring manner.  She helped me into the positions so I could maintain the relaxation and allow it to deepen. At the end of the session I felt nurtured and relaxed. I highly recommend the experience for anyone wanting to take a break from the busyness that can take over our minds and lives.

    J.S., RN; Sacramento
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly in a yoga class and I knew right away I wanted to see her for an ayurvedic consultation.  Kelly has such a warm, welcoming and kind nature that I could tell immediately that she would be a great healer and I was not disappointed. Kelly really has a great understanding of Ayurveda.  I had an ailment that was bothering me for some time and after just one treatment with Kelly and following her recommendations the health challenge went away completely. Kelly stayed in touch with me after our appointment and I had a second session with her for a tune-up and I will certainly return to her again and again whenever I have a health challenge.  Kelly is lovely and I highly recommend her service.

  • I came here after a long journey with trying to figure out what was wrong with my feet. Kelly came highly recommended from a friend. She is such a wonderful and caring person who truly cares about trying to help you. She sat with me for quite awhile trying to assess me and help me figure out what's going on with my body. She came up with a specialized plan just for me and my body to help me better myself and my health. After our assessment interview she gave me, by far, the best massage I have ever had in my entire life! I traveled 2-1/2 hours to see her and it was worth every minute. I had been seeing different doctors for over a year and Kelly was the one who finally got us headed on the right track to finding out the real problem! She still checks up with me to see how I'm doing and making sure that I'm on the right track. I hope that I can come back soon and see her again. I recommend that anyone go see her for any sort of issue you may have. She really listens to you and truly tries to help you.

  • Kelly is one of the most talented massage therapists that I have found. I have benefited greatly from seeing her weekly. After a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I was at a loss of what direction to go. I have a physical job, and need to continue working, but wasn't getting anywhere with western medicine solutions. I started seeing Kelly every other week with good results. A friend gave me the gift of weekly massage for 1 month, and that made all the difference. I have since committed to getting a massage weekly and have been experiencing much greater relief from my fibro symptoms. Kelly incorporates Ayurvedic healing oils that have helped me immensely.  

    A. T.Aptos