remedi ayurveda

Enjoy restful sleep, clearer thinking, improved digestion and elimination.

Gain healthier skin, more energy and a positive mind state, free of anxiety and worry.

Initial Consultation

  • Typically 90 minutes and consist of understanding your concerns and reasons for your visit.
  • We also discuss your medical and family medical history and current diet and lifestyle tendencies.
  • A tongue and pulse assessment is also included.
  • In person, phone and Skype consultations available.
  • Post consultation you will receive a detailed report of findings with respect to your natural constitution and current imbalances, along with suggestions that will help you get back in balance. I also note any preventative testing that may be helpful for you that you can follow up on with your doctor.

The initial consultation and report of findings is helpful in shedding light on your natural and current states of balance and formulating a plan in moving forward. It is important to me to give clients suggestions that make sense to them and that can be incorporated into their lives. Finding workable solutions is important for success.

Digestion is the most important aspect when looking at imbalance in the body, mind, and spirit. For we are not only digesting food through our digestive tract, but we digest everything we take in through our senses. This includes smells, tastes, noises, visual stimili and physical touch. Depending upon what type of career is had, television shows viewed, video games played, news heard, positive or negative touch displayed and received, and pollutants or therapeutic scents inhaled will play a role in our health.

Ongoing Support

Support programs are a great way to stay on track with implementing changes that will lead you to your desired results. We generally start with a few diet and lifestyle adjustments to determine what is working and to what degree. Herbal support can be added to jumpstart a desired result. Herbal formulas are created individually and are generally used for a limited time (approx. 3 months). At this time, we re- evaluate to see if the body is able to achieve the desired results on its own. Please contact me with further questions regarding consultations or ongoing support.

Contact Kelly to learn how you can reach your desired results!

Kelly’s previous work as an RN, combined with her ever-growing knowledge and practice in Ayurveda, allows her to walk in both the Eastern and Western worlds.



  • Initial assessment (90 minutes)
  • Report of findings with suggestions (emailed post initial consult)
  • Strategy phone call for plan of action


Follow-up Sessions

  • 45 minute followup consulation, including emailed recap of visit


Monthly Support

  • Weekly phone consult to update your plan of action
  • Daily reminders and encouragement via text or email
  • Recipes and articles of interest pertaining to your needs


Modified Monthly Support

  • Bi-weekly consult to update plan
  • 3 weekly reminder and encouragement emails or texts
  • Recipes and articles of interest pertaining to your needs