“Each curve in my path has been chosen from a deeper desire to learn more about the inner workings of myself in the hopes of discovering how I can best serve those around me.” –Kelly Girard, founder Remedi

Kelly Girard, founder RemediRemedi founder, Kelly Girard, is inspired to use her knowledge and experience as an RN, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Restorative Yoga Teacher to spark positive change in the lives of individuals which will, in turn, benefit their families and the world in which we live.

As an RN in the surgery room to assisting in treatment centers for those with life-threatening eating disorders, Kelly has witnessed the fragility of life and the importance of living with intention, and having compassion for ourselves and others.

heart-shaped stethescope Registered Nurse

I have been licensed as an RN since 2005 and a public health nurse as of 2007.

The majority of my time as a nurse has been working with patients with eating disorders in both day treatment and residential programs. I enjoyed working with a nurturing, interdisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, therapists and dieticians.

Connecting with patients and celebrating the progression of healing, even if that often times means struggle or setbacks along the way, is something I treasure.

My training and experience as an RN has given me invaluable knowledge about the inner workings of mind and body.

remedi ayurvedaAyurveda

As a graduate from Mount Madonna Institute along with ongoing independent study, I am fortunate to have gained a new perspective on disease, its process, and what “healthy” can be and how to get there.

Often times, clients see me after not finding the source of what is ailing them or long-term relief from western medicine.

Looking at a whole person through various lenses helps. Identifying the imbalances in a client, and understanding how these are connected, can begin the path to healing.

palm of hand with cirlclesRestorative Yoga

I found asana, the physical practice of yoga, in my early twenties.

It teaches life lessons on when to reach a little further and when to retreat.

I’ve tried many different types of yoga over the years and find the benefit in all of them come from turning inward, connecting with the breath, focusing the mind, letting go of expectation and having appreciation of the moment.

I enjoy bringing restorative yoga into peoples lives because it is adaptable to any body.

remedi restorative massageMassage Therapist

My massage career began in 1998, after course work and instruction from a Naturopathic Doctor. I am California state certified and Nationally Certified through NCBTMB with over 500 hours of continuing education.

I have worked in spas, chiropractic and osteopathic settings as well as a jungle lodge in Belize. My current practice is located in Aptos, California.