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“This is my passion…personalizing the experience you dream of in a series of retreats designed just for you.” –Kelly Girard, founder Remedi

Take a break from day-to-day stress at our Commit-to-Health retreats. Your retreat is for you.

The following services are offered for your custom retreat experience. You choose how you’d like to spend your day.

  • Safely slip into your comfort zone / Sink into a soothing state with therapeutic bodywork.
  • Achieve your health goals with an Ayurvedic/Wellness consultation and plan of action.
  • Restore with Yoga.
  • Transform while resting in a hammock, walking forested trails, swimming in the pool, hot tubbing, reading or just being.
  • Discover clarity Meditation.
  • Honor and express your feelings through Journaling.
  • Create with Vision Boards.
  • Explore  how herbs affect the body and mind in the Culinary Spice Workshop.

Make Your Health a Habit

What better habit to have then one that is dedicated to your wellbeing and health. Commit to 3 or more Commit-to-Health Retreats in a year and reap ongoing benefits of a continuous health habit throughout the year.

Annual Retreat Packages

Reserve a series of 3 or more retreats for the year and save.

  • 3 Retreat Package save 10%
  • 4 or more Retreats save 15%
  • Come once per month for a year save 20%

Blending it all together in blissful connection, learning and relaxing.

Other Retreat Offerings

Birds of a Feather
A splendid time for friends, couples, mother/daughter, father/son or small group professional meetings. Celebrate, contemplate or collaborate in a relaxing and inspiring environment.

Timeout for Caretakers
You’ve been serving others. Your caring nature has led you on this path. Often times it is at the sacrifice of your own health and well- being. The truth is, we can’t care for others optimally if we neglect ourselves.

Now is the time to set the example for those who admire your giving nature and give to yourself.

It’s often the hardest part. We make up stories: “it’s not necessary”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I’m much better off than some people”.

You work hard and give of yourself; you deserve it tenfold. You might be better off than most people, but are you your best self?

Other Ideas for Your Retreat?
Contact us about your retreat ideas. We would be happy to work with you to make your day fun, sacred or just special.

Contact Kelly for details and to schedule your personalized retreat